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You can register for a ‘Level 1’ YOO.ID if you simply want to use it to sign into facilities that already function on the YOO.ID platform and has already carried out their own identity checks on you, facilities like gyms, offices, care homes, day nurseries, casinos etc.

With a ‘Level 1’ YOO.ID there is no need of thorough scrutiny like when registering a ‘Level 2’ YOO.ID (used for proof of age and proof of ID) because the company you’re a member of will already know you personally.

Once you’ve completed your YOO.ID biometrics, just give your YOO.ID username to the business and they’ll add you to their group. Once all formalities have been completed, an exclusive YOO.ID pin will be assigned to you and it’s this pin you give to the individual or business authenticating you, each time you visit…it’s that simple!

Remember, once you’ve registered a YOO.ID you’ll be able to use it in any business that operate the YOO.ID platform, you won’t need to register your YOO.ID biometrics again! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

If you don’t have a need for a digital YOO.ID but you’d like to use our YOO.ID app to validate pre-approved tradespeople, taxi drivers or company representatives calling at your door, you can do so for no extra charge, just CLICK HERE and choose ‘Level 3’. No facial biometrics are taken with ‘Level 3’.

If you get stuck, don’t worry, we’ll be happy to help, just give us a call on +44 800 888 6644.

Need a ‘Level 2’ YOO.ID?

If you need a YOO.ID to use for ‘proof of age’ or ‘proof of ID’, such as buying age restricted products, entry into secure businesses, bars and nightclubs or when picking up parcels, you will need to register a ‘Level 2’ YOO.ID with ‘Full Verification’. We will require a completed registration form, official proof of ID (if route 2 taken) and the contact details of a ‘verifier,’ someone who can validate your application & proof of identity.

The YOO.ID team will contact the verifier through a phone call to authenticate them. The verifier will then receive an email that will contain a secure link to your online application and any supporting documents. Your YOO.ID biometrics (images) will be shared with your verifier and an online declaration will be signed by your verifier to confirm the biometric is of you.

Once all formalities have been completed and your YOO.ID application has been approved, an exclusive YOO.ID pin will be assigned to you and your digital YOO.ID will be set to a live status.

Fraud Act 2006: Providing false information is a criminal offence. YOO.ID will prosecute any applicant who applies for a YOO.ID fraudulently.

Before selecting a verifier who will vouch for your proof of identity, consider the following:

  • OVER 25 years of age.
  • In full-time employment, in the UK (they cannot be self-employed or working from home). ‘Level 2’ YOO.ID’s currently available only in the UK.
  • Must be contactable on a work landline telephone, during office hours at a registered business address.
  • They must not be a legal guardian or carer, related to you by birth or marriage, in a personal relationship with you or living at the same address as you.

Depending on your verifiers occupation and whether they know you personally or not, will determine the various proofs of identification you can choose to send to us. If you don’t have any ID, don’t worry, use ‘Route 1’. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Route 1

Acceptable Occupations of Verifiers:-

Don’t have any ID? Don’t worry! This route is for you!

Please note, this must be someone who KNOWS you and who is contactable during office hours and can confirm your details against their official records held at their place of work. When you provide details of a verifier from this list, they must be YOUR….

  • Teacher/Tutor at your School/College/University
  • Head of Year/Administrator at YOUR School/college/University
  • Certified Solicitor
  • Bank/Building Society staff at your Branch
  • Doctor/Dentist/Nurse/Administrator at your surgery
  • Prison/Probation Officer
  • Social Worker
  • Jobcentre Adviser, Connexions Adviser/Social Worker/Health Worker
  • If you are employed with any of the above ‘Option 1’ referees, they can verify your identity from their personnel records
  • If you are employed by a Local Authority, your employer can verify your identity from their personnel records

Route 2

Acceptable Occupations of Verifiers & Proof of ID Documents Permitted:-

Don’t have a verifier from ‘Route 1’? Don’t worry! This route is for you!

If the verifier DOES know you, any ID from the list below is acceptable, but must be countersigned by the verifier (see notes below).
If the verifier DOES NOT know you, then photo-graphic ID must be provided and countersigned by the verifier (see notes below).

  • Accountant
  • Bank/building society official
  • Barrister
  • Broker
  • Chairman/Director of a limited company
  • Chemist
  • Councillor: local or county
  • Civil servant (Established/permanent)
  • Dentist/Doctor
  • Designated Premises Supervisors
  • Director/Manager of a VAT registered Charity
  • Director/Manager/Personnel Officer of a VAT registered company
  • Engineer (with professional qualifications)
  • Funeral director
  • Journalist
  • Local Government officer
  • Manager/Personnel officer (of limited company)
  • Member of Parliament
  • Minister of a recognised religion
  • Nurse (RGN and RMN qualified)
  • Optician
  • Personal Licensee Holder(s)
  • Police officer
  • Post Office official
  • Salvation Army officer
  • Social worker
  • Solicitor
  • Surveyor
  • Teacher, Lecturer (do not use during academic half term)


  • A full photo driving licence and counter part
  • Provisional photo driving licence and counter part
  • Passport
  • EU national identity card
  • A card bearing the PASS hologram
  • Home Office approved photo ID
  • An original or official copy of a birth certificate
  • Original letter from school/further education (on letter headed paper) confirming applicants D.O.B
  • NHS medical card or National Insurance Card
  • Change of name – evidence must be seen, i.e. marriage certificate or change of name deed
  • DWP Benefit/family tax statement (original must show the applicants D.O.B.)
  • National ID card or PASS-hologram card

Important – Please Read Notes below:-

If you have taken ‘Route 1’ then there’s no need for you to meet up with the verifier for them to sign any supporting ID because the verifier will have a reliable public image, know you and can confirm your details against their official records.

The easiest and fastest method to apply is ‘Route 1’. All we need is our online form, your verifiers FULL contact details and for you to to complete your YOO.ID biometrics, you can do this by either downloading the YOO.ID app to record them or you can record them directly off the site, it’s that simple! Once we have processed your application and it has been accepted, you could be using your unique digital YOO.ID by the end of the day!

On the other hand, ‘Route 2’ will take a little longer because it requires you to meet with your verifier face-to-face for them to endorse your supported ID. On meeting your verifier to endorse your supported ID, they will check your online application and all documents and once they are satisfied, they will offer their approval. Once the endorsed copy has been obtained, upload it into your account, or post it directly to us and the YOO.ID team will process it as soon as possible.


“I certify that I have seen the original of this copy and it matches the name and date of birth printed on the application form”

The verifier in all cases must see the original ID and must then countersign a photocopy of that ID which you then post or scan and email to YOO.ID – Or log into your account and upload directly.

If the verifier DOES know you, choose any from the LIST OF ACCEPTABLE ID DOCUMENTS when selecting a document of ID to send us.

If the verifier DOES NOT know you, choose only from the first 6 from the LIST OF ACCEPTABLE ID DOCUMENTS (photo-graphic ID) when selecting a document of ID to send us.