Customer Charter

This charter outlines our service commitment to you and how you can help us to provide you with a quality service.

YOO.ID is dedicated to the provision of a high level of service. As our business is consumer protection, customer service is of the highest priority to us.

Our services include:

1. Providing facial recognition & authentication services to consumers & businesses.

In providing our services, we value:

1. Meeting the needs of our customers, traders & businesses.
2. The diversity and individuality of all people.
3. The professionalism of our staff.
4. Effective communication, including your feedback on our services.
5. Our approachability.

You can expect:

1. Prompt, courteous service.
2. Helpful well-trained staff who will treat you with respect, confidentiality and in a culturally appropriate manner.
3. Fair and equitable access to our services.
4. An information service which is responsive to your needs.
5. Convenient hours of opening.
6. Prompt responses to your enquiries, comments or complaints.
7. Clear and accurate information regarding checks carried out on traders & businesses and all policies, rules etc and information on how customers can access them.
8. Respect for your privacy at all times.