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Whoever you are, wherever you are, leaving the home with a pocket full of ID can put you in a vulnerable position, if lost! Would it make your day easier if you never had to carry heaps of ID or membership cards around with you? If the answer’s yes, then a digital YOO.ID is for you and it only take a few minutes to set one up!

Download our FREE app and set-up your unique digital YOO.ID Today! Or if you wish you can record your facial biometrics directly off our site. Once registered, our state-of-the-art cutting edge technology can be your passport to identification when picking up parcels, purchasing age restricted products, proving your age in nightclubs & bars or when signing into businesses such as gyms, day nurseries, offices, schools, colleges, care homes, nightclubs, hotels, casinos, festivals, apartments etc….to name but a few!

Once you’ve completed your YOO.ID biometrics you’ll be issued with your unique YOO.ID pin and you give this pin to the person/business authenticating you….it’s that simple! Soon they’ll be no need to use a conventional membership or ID card when you get asked for proof of ID or proof of age, you’ll be able to use your digital YOO.ID instead.


Our goal is to make YOO.ID accessible everywhere, in every corner of the country and beyond! A digital YOO.ID is like having an ID or membership card that you don’t have to remember to bring with you, just one set-up is all that’s needed and businesses of all sorts have registered themselves on YOO.ID and use it effectively to identify customers.

They’ll be no more stress over misplacing lots of different cards because now whenever you visit a business that runs YOO.ID you’ll be able to sign-in instantly with just your face! Many businesses are using YOO.ID to authenticate one off visitors onto their premises too, so having registered a digital YOO.ID in advance will save you time when visiting companies that already run the YOO.ID identification system.


Don’t need a YOO.ID? No problem! You could just download our FREE app and use it to verify the identity of pre-approved taxi drivers, tradespeople or company representatives calling at your door. The YOO.ID app uses modern biometric technology, to determine whether the person in front of you is genuinely who they are claiming to be and not an impostor.

There is no chance of tricking the system with a fake ID as it identifies unique physical characteristics of an individual and this one-of-a-kind pioneering facial recognition technology will provide results in a matter of seconds.

This is not another “big brother” measure but instead, one which subtly helps consumers and businesses identify the good from the bad. Its the next generation in identity protection, keeping you a couple of steps ahead of the thieves and criminals out there.


Biometrics is a process by which an individual’s unique physical characteristics are recorded and detected by an electronic device and used as a means of confirming a person’s identity. It’s earliest use was in fingerprinting but now face, eyes, voice and other body parts can be used for identification purposes.

Biometric ID means that the future is your own body. Soon thanks to the worldwide biometric explosion you will be able to go anywhere you like, inside or outside Britain, without having to remember to carry a passport or ID card with you. Now consumers and businesses can be in at the start of the revolution in technological ID authentication.


To help keep our services 100% free, once in a while we send out FREE voice broadcast alerts from our sponsors, alerting you on great offers. From fashion to furniture, leisure to life’s little luxuries, whatever your tastes we cater for all. Our unique, innovative service sends out voice broadcasts direct to your phone the moment your local high street stores & businesses, supermarkets & restaurants, tell us about their latest offers, so you’ll have the chance to snap up a great bargain before everybody else.

To ensure you always have our voice broadcasts to hand when it’s convenient for you, simply save our number +44 800 888 6644 to your contacts & name it ‘YOO.ID Alerts’ then we recommend that you don’t answer our calls and instead let them go to voicemail, that way your voice broadcast will be saved in your voicemail, ready for you to listen to at your convenience.


Level 1. ‘UNIVERSAL VERIFICATION’. A YOO.ID for individuals who are already members of organisations running the YOO.ID platform on their premises such as gyms, day nurseries, schools, hotels, care homes, casino’s, offices, etc.

Level 2. ‘FULL VERIFICATION’. A YOO.ID for ‘proof of identity’ when picking up parcels etc. A YOO.ID for “proof of age” when buying alcohol or entry into nightclubs. A YOO.ID for tradespeople & taxi drivers to identify themselves. Verifier & ID required on application.

Level 3. ‘VERIFICATION ONLY’. Download our FREE app for verifying the identity of taxi drivers, company representatives & pre-approved tradespeople that approach your doorstep. No YOO.ID biometrics recorded with Level 3.

Level 4. ‘BUSINESS ACCOUNTS’. Businesses looking to authenticate their customers, members or staff such as parcel pick up points, gyms, day nurseries, schools, care homes, off licenses, night clubs, hotels, newsagents, casino’s, offices.

Let’s look at the main ways in which YOO.ID can work for you:-


For those whom find themselves needing to prove their age, you’ll be delighted to learn that you will no longer be required to carry around sensitive ID, whilst out for the night or when popping into the off-licence before having friends over. Our database of local shops, off- licences, bars and clubs can verify your age & ID in seconds.

By registering a digital YOO.ID, our state-of-the-art software will measure your biometrics and give them the green light to permit you entrance or to complete the sale of age-restricted or licensed goods. No need to carry ID anymore!

Gyms, Parcel Pick-Up Points, Children’s nurseries, Care homes, Casino’s, etc

A paperless identification system has been a long time coming, especially one which can be used additionally for signing you into gyms, offices, colleges, schools, children’s nurseries, care homes, casino’s, nightclubs, etc….basically any business that run the YOO.ID platform on their premises. Once you’ve registered a digital YOO.ID you’ll be able to use it at various outlets & businesses up and down the country.

Several businesses are joining hands with YOO.ID to provide a safe and secure environment for their employees and members. There will be no more stress over misplacing cards because now with YOO.ID you can sign in instantly without any hassle, all you’ll ever need to remember is your unique YOO.ID pin….no more cards or documentation to carry around with you!

Want to Verify the Credibility of a Tradesperson?

Everyone can use our FREE app to checkout our pre-approved tradespeople. So, the next time you find a tradesperson to do work for you, you could use our FREE downloadable YOO.ID app to verify that the person at your front door has the same facial biometrics we have for them on record. YOO.ID gives you the confidence of knowing that the person in front of you is exactly who they are claiming to be and not an impostor.

The investigations we carry out will establish the primary safety information that you the consumer need to know in order to make an informed decision: they are licensed, they are insured, they are registered, they are creditworthy: in short, they are exactly who they say they are. If things go wrong, you’ll know where to find them. You won’t be searching for a non existent address or phoning a number that rings out with no response. You can also use our Approved Trader Directory.

Before Jumping into a Taxi

More and more taxi drivers are registering a YOO.ID as a security measure for their passengers. Again, everyone can use our FREE app to validate our pre-approved taxi drivers too. The YOO.ID app takes seconds to confirm that the actual taxi driver in front of you is in fact the person who was granted a licence by the local council.